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Project Servator

Project Servator aims to deter, detect and disrupt a range of criminal activity, including terrorism, while providing a reassuring presence for the public. Our officers are experienced and specially trained to spot the tell-tale signs that someone is planning or preparing to commit an act of crime.

In the run up to Birmingham 2022 you can expect to see lots of different patrols around locations and venues connected to the Games. They can happen at any time, in any location and are highly visible, using a wide range of resources including:

  • specially trained officers
  • armed officers
  • officers from our dog unit
  • Drones team

Or we could be working with the British Transport Police on the transport network.

Our Project Servator deployments are also supported and amplified by community engagement and local media. As part of the patrols, officers will speak to members of the public and advise them on how they can help be our ‘eyes and ears’ – our advice to the public is to:

  • stay vigilant 
  • trust your instincts
  • report any unusual behaviour

You might see posters about Project Servator, and we could hand out leaflets to you explaining what is and how you can help.

These patrols will be visible, but do not worry if you see us in your area. There’s nothing to be concerned about and there’s no threat to you.

Feel free to talk to our officers if you see us. Working with you is vital to make Project Servator a success.

You can help us. Report anything that doesn’t feel right immediately to a member of staff or police officer. You can also call 101. Always call 999 if an urgent response is needed.