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Freedom of Information Publication Strategy

West Midlands Police has produced the below Publication Strategy in anticipation of a significant number of requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) in respect of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Security Operation. The strategy aims to provide a transparent approach to FOI detailing what information exists and what can and cannot be released.

The strategy will also help the force in ensuring timely and transparent responses to all requests from the public. The FOI Publication Strategy will enable us to when appropriate, enact Section 22 of FOI legislation which exempts information from disclosure which is intended for future publication.

The identified benefits of engaging this exemption are that dealing with requests for certain data whilst the operation is ongoing can be complex and resource intensive. Random piecemeal disclosures may in fact damage the planning and/ or delivery process, the strategic aims of the operation and overall public confidence.

If you need any further information about FOI please visit the main West Midlands Police website.

Operation Unity Freedom of Information Publication Strategy